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1989 BFA from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA.

1985 AA from Porterville College, Porterville, CA.


Associate Artist Member of California Art Club.

Brent Hudspeth



Brent Hudspeth is from the rural central valley area of California, near the city of Porterville, CA. He showed a natural artistic talent from an early age and was encouraged to follow his interests of a career in the arts.


In 1989 he received a BFA in illustration from the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA. He was very fortunate to have had the pleasure of learning from such artists as Craig Nelson, Steve Huston, and Richard Bunkall, among other fantastic artists. In 1999 he was reacquainted with another Art Center instructor and Artist he studied under... Harry Carmean. Harry became a close friend and mentor in these years that have followed. Harry's manner of composing and portrayal of emotion has been a large influence on Brent's work and has shown that painting can convey more than a simple representation of a scene... It can move the eye of the viewer through the work to make a lasting impression.

After graduation from the Art Center Brent began a career in the Los Angeles area as an illustrator and digital artist. His dedication to professionalism and artistic abilities allowed him to work with many of the top agencies, creative minds and companies in the nation. Commercial clients include MCA Universal, Baskin Robbins, Teleflora, The Franklin Mint, Disney and others. The variety of this commercial work may have been quite interesting but was never to replace the joy of fine art painting that is a passion for Brent. Trips to remote locations and involvement with several equestrian communities gave Brent the subject matter he loved to use for his fine art ideas. Through the years, Brent was transitioning into devoting more of his life to painting and in recent time began to purse his passion of painting by returning to his hometown of Porterville near the entrance to the Sequoia National Forest. His quiet country studio replaced the commute and pace of Los Angeles with nature's offerings and the promise of a meaningful connection to his passion of painting.

Brent works predominantly in oils on canvas and wood panel. Each painting concept is an evolution in which sketching and documenting aspects of the natural world are combined such as light, form and space as they relate to the original concept. The natural world is the ultimate truth for guidance in the process of his painting style. Brent believes that painting from life is the ultimate tool to maintain the fidelity of a truth he finds important in his work.


Artist's statement


Early on I discovered I was very creative and found a comfort in drawing and making things. I felt the depths of other worlds and feelings created by artists, poets and musicians. I was emotionally moved to emulate their creations. It seems there was always an intertwining of the subtle magnetism of landscapes and animals in some fashion or other as inspiration in my work that continues to this day.


Most of what I like about the act of painting is depicting those personal mood-bearing images within my mind that are reflective of the emotional milestones we all feel in life. As an artist when I am painting I feel I can imagine going to the depth of another world in my mind. A world with the possibility of hope, yet with the reality of truth, whether promising or ominous.

Brent Hudspeth

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